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As your Property Manager


Will assess the property for condition and marketability and make any necessary recommendations.

We advertise your property in the local MLS, Zillow,, Facebook and Instagram. These diverse sources have proven to yield great results. Our team will ensure that your property is presented in its best light online and in person to get you a great tenant.

Tenant Screening

Our extensive screening process helps ensure quality tenants and we take this process very seriously.

We strive to get your investment rented quickly, but feel it is important to get the RIGHT tenant versus the FAST tenant! Spending time up front and finding the BEST tenant for your rental creates a good experience all around, versus one that is stressful and frustrating.

All potential tenants are screened through our online partner. A background, credit and eviction check are completed for all candidates. An income to rent ratio is also provided as a factor.

Our screening process is not just based on a credit score only - we take a comprehensive look at the overall applicant. This process has proven to be extremely successful.

Rent Collection

We make sure you get paid on time, every time.

Collecting rent is easy if you have the perfect tenant who pays on time! But what if they don’t? Having someone in your corner who knows tenant law and the proper notices to send is critical!

Rent payments are due from all tenants on the 1st of the month and late after the 5th. A late fee of 5% is charged to the tenant and is retained by Alotta Properties to offset costs. Rent is paid to owners on the 25th of every month. Alotta Properties management fees and repair invoices are deducted from rent payments.

We make paying rent easy for tenants with the online tenant portal that can be accessed 24/7.


We conduct inspections upon move-in and move-out and ensure all maintenance issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Work orders are created for every repair and are posted to the owner’s portal. Any repair over our $250 work order limit, we will call and discuss with you. Our contractors provide us with great pricing and timely service.

Our Vendors are trustworthy and very quick to respond. We coordinate and communicate with the tenants, with you, and vendors for our maintenance scenarios. Protecting and maintaining your home and your investment is a top priority for us.

Copies of completed work orders, invoices and any other documentation are provided to owners via the owner portal, where they can be accessed at any time for future reference.

How this benefits you:

  • We offer quality repairs at competitive prices
  • You can rest easy knowing your home is protected nights, weekends and holidays
  • Accurate billing so you can keep track of your investment
  • Prompt response to protect your property and keep your tenants happy

Emergency Repairs

An emergency repair is any repair where there is a question of safety or health. This includes leaking water, electrical shorts or HVAC issues during extreme weather. For emergency repairs we will immediately contact the owner for authorization. If we cannot contact the owner in a timely manner, we will address the issue as cost effectively as possible.

After Hours Repair Requests

Tenants can contact our emergency repair line at (910) 426-7492. We have a 24/7 emergency line that tenants can contact if they have an emergency repair after hours or weekends.

Financial Reporting

At the end of the year, owners are sent a 1099 documenting all the income and expenses for their rental property.

The owner’s portal allows you to view your documents all in one place, from Owner Statements to bills, management agreements and current lease agreements. Rent detail is posted to the owner’s portal. At year end, a 1099 and income and expense statement are the only financial reports generated. Custom reporting can be requested for an additional monthly fee.

Log into your owner portal to view statements & more, such as:

  • Rent collection and processing
  • Payment of maintenance vendor bills
  • Owner statement and direct deposit by ACH processing to your bank account

On an annual basis, you will also receive the following:

  • Tax statements and 1099s
  • Annual summary owner statement

Eviction Protection

Should it become necessary to file eviction, we will handle all the necessary filings and other intricacies of the process.

In the unfortunate event that a tenant needs to be evicted from your rental, we will shield you from the stress and re-rent the property promptly.

We screen our tenants credit score, a national criminal background screen, proof of income, proof of employment, past rental history and more to greatly reduce the risk of an eviction. However, they can still occur. In the unfortunate circumstance of needing to evict a tenant – We provide the eviction services to manage the process from beginning to end.

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Management Fee

Our management fee is 10% of each month’s rent. A lower fee for multiple units is negotiable. There will be no fee if the rental is empty. Minimum Management Fee of $60 per property/unit.

10% 1-5 Properties
9% 6-10 Properties
8% 11+ Properties

Property inspections are done on each property twice per year. Pictures, descriptions, and estimates are uploaded to the property manager and a complete report is uploaded to the owner’s portal for you to view. There is a $50 fee per inspection.

In Scope Work:

Included with our management fee is:

  • Collect rent and disburse to owners.
  • Screen/find tenants using our online application partner.
  • Use social media to fill vacant properties.
  • Perform move-in/move-out inspections.
  • Schedule/supervise property repairs.
  • Follow up on overdue rent and complete evictions if required.

Out of Scope Work:

Not included in our management fee but available to our owners if requested

  • Meet utility companies, repairmen, or inspectors on-site.
  • Take photos of properties before/during/after repairs.
  • Customized reporting.
  • Assess work required for new properties and obtain quotes from contractors.
  • Read Meters
* An hourly fee is applied for these services
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